So supposedly, based on the chart, Ivan has 3 sisters.


I hope it’s true! And I hope they are all younger than him. That would be Kawaii!!!!! He probably would be really strict in front of others but a softy around them.

They’re all older than him. Their names are Tatiana, Olga, and I think Anastasia. (Romanov family parallels anyone?)


721chelle: What are all the routes that are available for Louis??


In which platform? I’m not THAT familiar with Gree unfortunately. I’ve only played like 2 routes and that was literally JUST to get to those parts. I do know that drawthecurtainstarttheplay plays WAAY more than I do, so hopefully she can shed some light for us?? 

As for the non Gree, he only has 2. The Butler Stories, and the Sentimental Summer route. Both are absolutely darling and give me major feels. 

You called, 721chelle otomesass?

Yes, he has the butler main stories and the Sentimental Summer route, but you also have several side stories (the June Bride one comes to mind) where the “Good ending” is a butler themed ending. I haven’t replayed them all (yet), but some of the side story routes have the good endings as butler endings. :nods: I think that also applies to the Valentine’s Day and White Day routes.

As for GREE, the only butler routes are, like the side stories, the good endings for certain events. There aren’t any butler routes in the Non-Japanese GREE format.

I hope that clears it up! :D