hananotsuki: Did anyone ask this yet? What would happened if the princes of the past meet their grandsons in their current state as in age and stuff?

It’s funny you asked this because it’s like Voltage heard you and made the routes. xD


Wilfred: Wilfred and Henry would get along really well. They’d tell each other about their favorite things, especially books. I think Henry would be especially happy since Wilfred is dead and all in his time. He wouldn’t tell Wilfred this, instead choosing to focus on his time with his grandfather. They’d take walks together and just talk, I think.

Keith: Keith and Kevin would playfully trash talk each other, I think. They’d get really competitive and play a ton of sports, more specifically a ton of basketball matches so they could find out who’s the superior one. They might talk about Liberty and the way they want to run it. Kevin would have to be careful not to let Keith know anything about the future because Keith would be equally sad and angry to know that his beloved nation falls so low.

Roberto: Roberto and Oliver would be the twins of terror, especially for poor Alberto. They would run away and hide everywhere. They’d play pranks and just have tons of fun together. They might also risk being mobbed by their citizens because there’s only so much hotness they can handle, right? ;) I think Oliver would treasure this time with Roberto especially since he is suffering from his disease at the time. It would just be lots and lots of fun.

Glenn: Kuon and Glenn might be the only ones who share each other’s backgrounds. Not for a huge amount, but enough. I think Kuon would enjoy playing with Alan, teasing him and such, but with affection. After all, Alan is the one pushing Kuon around in the future. Kuon is glad to know the other sides of his grandfather that he never knew while Glenn appreciates seeing his grandson and spending time with him. I think Glenn would teach Kuon to appreciate the position he’s in and want to be a prince a little more.

Joshua: I think Joshua would be surprised if he knew how lax the rules have become in Sieg’s time. Although, Sieg won’t tell him this. Joshua would definitely be surprised at Sieg’s slightly more domestic interests and Sieg simply says he gets it from his grandmother. They most certainly bond over their mutual fear of cats. I think Joshua would be the only one who wants to actively know about the future, but won’t know because Sieg won’t tell him.

Edward: While Edward would enjoy time with his son, Max, I think he would wonder why Max looks so sad sometimes. Max doesn’t say anything, he just appreciates the time he has with his father. The fact that Edward is a little taken aback by his looks is canon and I find it hysterical. They’d chat a lot over tea in the rose garden, that’s for sure. :)


Thanks for asking, my dear! I hope you liked my answers!




Things I should be doing: Writing

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you put it in words bless you

Anonymous: I wanna learn German just because it reminds me of Joshua... >_> I'm a sad sad girl...orz

Hey! No, it’s okay. Wanting to a learn a language is always a good thing. :)

Anonymous: What kind of accents do you think the princes have? Its not a headcanon ask but I just wanted to know your thoughts compared to mine lol. I think Wilfred would have a british accent and I feel like Roberto would have a northern irish accent. Josh I think would have a german accent, idk I just think that xD. Not too sure about edward and Glenn though.

Well, I think the princes would the accents of the countries their from, based on what I think the countries are represented as. I find it interesting that you think Roberto would have an Irish accent. That’s certainly different.

Here are my thoughts:

Wilfred = British Accent

Keith = American English Accent

Roberto = Italian Accent

Glenn = Japanese Accent/ No Accent (Since the game is in Japanese)

Joshua = German Accent

Edward = French Accent

ninasartworks: Hiii senpai can you do a headcanon of the BMP when MC dies while giving birth to their child and a few years (4-5 years) later the kids would ask them how their Mommy was like. //Nina

Hello Nina!

So, I’m not accepting anymore headcanon asks right now. The ones I’ve been answering, I’ve had in my inbox since February. I’m not accepting anymore headcanon asks because it’s stressful for me to be overwhelmed by all of the asks I get, as well as it being unfair to those people who have been waiting since February.

I have already answered your question, however, through a different user:


Someone else has already asked to do an “aftermath” ask so I’ll be answering that one in time. If you look under the “Voltage Headcanons” tag I have, you will find all of the headcanons that I have answered.


So, yeah, just a reminder to everyone else, again, I’m not accepting anymore headcanon asks. I put this warning at the front or end of very headcanon post I make, as well as putting it as the header to my ask box. If I seriously get anymore asks, I’m closing the anon option to my ask box. I don’t want to do this, but I will if I continue to get asks when I’m not done with the others.

I’m almost done, guys. I have 20 more asks, not including the general asks I have yet to answer. After that, I’ll be taking a break so I can work on my fanfiction and then I’ll be opening up my inbox for 20 headcanons ONLY. I’m afraid I don’t have the time to answer them as they come in. I’m not in school anymore.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding. /bows/

cozumi-otome: BMP has a new voiced app now!:D

Wait, what? Where? Link me!

ever-dream-of-you: Terrified or completely enthralled? Cause I'm right there with on this. I can think of a million reasons for them to make a bmp party. I even left an asks on their tumblr saying exactly that. I can't even bring myself to play the gree games anymore because it just pisses me off so much.






^Literally me every single time BMP GREE comes up in discussion.

I will seriously get so angry and passionate about it, I would have to leave the room. I am extremely angry and frustrated that Voltage has been so vague as to why they discontinued it and whether or not they’ll consider making a Party version.

I don’t mind playing the routes all over again if it means getting ALL events, getting the Princess Training Routes, the Wedding Routes, etc. It seriously makes me want to cry every time I see a new event come out. It’s so bittersweet because I will never be able to play those routes. And that breaks my heart.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I wanted to say this. Right now officialvoltageotome is mostly focused on KBTBB. I think it would be best to mention these ideas to them when they start posting about their other games. That way, there would be more chances of them listening and responding to these ideas, since the blog will be more about all the games in general. That’s just what I think.

drawthecurtainstarttheplay @ever-dream-of-you

From what I understand of an ask that they had answered, they’ll be focusing on one game at a time. And, to be brutally honest, what are the chances of them focusing on an old game like BMP? Yes, it’s been popular, but it’s not new like KBTBB. I understand where you’re coming from, I just don’t think their way of marketing is right.


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. The chances of them focusing on BMP is very slim. Maybe if they get to focusing on BMP2 they could take BMP asks into consideration. Since BMP2 is the follow-up of it, maybe they might?


Honestly, that’s the only way I can see it happening. :/